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My favorite office lunch salads – simply delicious!

Do you also like office lunch salads? Because I am pretty sure, that you know that special feeling too, don’t you? It’s morning and you’re like- oh my gosh, I didn’t remember to prepare lunch for the office again? And I don’t want another food coma at lunchtime, so I like to have salads for the office!

Because I know it all too well and that’s why I would like to introduce you to my absolute favorite office lunch salads! With those, you’ll never forget your lunch again!

In this blog post, I present you with some simple yet delicious salad recipes that you can easily make in your office kitchen or at home.

Because when I see what the supermarkets charge for a small lunch bowl, because that’s what the salad for lunch is now called, it honestly makes me dizzy. Don’t get me wrong, some of them are absolutely great and really good as an inspiration. But 9€! or more for a bowl like that from the supermarket – nope. I prefer to make my office lunch salad bowl myself. Then I know what’s in it and can put it together as flexibly as I like. Or what my fridge has to offer…

Hence my conclusion on the lunch bowls:

With lunch bowls that are made quickly, you can make your meals really varied and at the same time promote a healthy diet. They are practical, easy to carry and allow you to enjoy your lunch break with a tasty and nutritious meal. And you save money.

In addition, you can easily adapt your lunch bowl to your individual preferences and dietary needs, be it vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or high-protein. A dream!

A healthy lunch break in the office is also simply important to recharge your batteries and thus be able to spend the afternoon productively. I’ll say it again, keyword foodkoma…

Instead of resorting to expensive fast food options, you can easily make yourself a delicious and nutritious salad.

But how do I transport my office lunch salads?

Well, there are really cool transport bowls now!

My lunch bowl is from *Braba and I just love it! It has a cutting disc in the middle, which I don’t always use, but it’s still super practical. They are also available as bento boxes, i.e. with several compartments, which I use for my Childrens lunch boxes. They love it! And the best thing is – the lunch bowls are dishwasher safe! 🙂

Here are my favorite office salads:

Lentil Salad

Lentil Salad

Recently I found out that I actually love my legumes, especially lentils. And Lentil Salads! Well, it’s more like a…

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As you can see, there are no limits to your imagination!

With these simple salad recipes, you can always prepare a healthy and delicious lunch, not only in the office. By making your meals yourself, you can control the ingredients and ensure only the tastiest ingredients are included!

Enjoy the salads!

Love, Sabrina

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