Welcome to my food for days section!

Here you will hopefully some inspiration to cook efficient, smart and sustainable. I call this section food for days!

But what exactly do I mean with that?

It is actually quite simple! You cook one main dish and I show you some variations of it. So if you decide to cook ahead or like to find new ways of using your leftovers, then you have come to the right place!

Is food for days a meal planner?

It is quite similar to meal prepping (and meal planning) but not the same! It’s smarter, and you don’t eat the same meal every day. Which is fine if we are talking Spaghetti Bolognese here šŸ˜‰

But I get tired after the second (OK- third) day of it. And that’s why I like to call it food for days, as it’s just not the same.

So if you have been wondering, ah, another meal planner! Then I have to disappoint you. It’s more like my way of trying to cook with less waste and be a bit more sustainable and organized. It also will help you save money in the long run.

So you will find ideas about how can I use the same main ingredient again or cook smarter beause you cook ahead and get inspired to cook a new meal out of something you already prepped.

There is definitely lots to explore on food for days! Click through it and let me know if you are missing a recipe or idea!

love sabrina x


A Tafelspitz is one of those classic meals which are fantastic for Food for days. Serve the first day a Tafelspitz with potatoes and an apple horseradish BĆ©chamel, next an Asian inspired Salad with Tafelspitz and last a heart-warming German stew, a Gaisburger Marsch.

Apart from the beef, the broth is really what makes this dish so amazing. I always freeze my leftover broth for a homemade risotto or just for kinda pimping my sauces and other meals.


Classic Tafelspitz

Such an amazing dish which just simmers alone for hours. The smell it brings to the house in unbeatable. If you can, use some fresh lovage- the broth is so much better with it.

Asian Salad with Tafelspitz

Asian Salad with Tafelspitz

Great to reuse all your leftovers in the kitchen. You can use all kind of vegetables which need to be used as soon as possible. And have you ever tried Japanese Mayonnaise?

Gaisburger Marsch

Gaisburger Marsch

That is one of my favourite stews everā€”it’s full of carbs, so it is not suitable for a low-carb diet. But it’s worth breaking the habit for this stew! šŸ˜‰ Trust me on this.

Chicken Schnitzel

Nothing beats a Schnitzel. And yes, leftovers of a Schnitzel are really rare. Sometimes I make double the amount of my Schnitzel on purpose, just to have some for a wrap. Or, another favourite of mine- a slice of bread with butter, Schnitzel on top with some lemon juice. And if I can tell you a secret, that’s actually a perfect cure for a hungover šŸ˜‰

Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel

Make sure you make enough of them! They are gone in a second!

Chicken schnitzel wrap

Chicken Schnitzel Wrap

And if you do have some left, try a Chicken Schnitzel Wrap. Super easy to make and a treat!

Tomato Sauce

Tomato sauce is a classic family staple like sauce bolognese.
We always make a big batch of it and then I freeze most of it in portions. My daughter used to call it the square sauce… But have you ever thought about using your tomato sauce as a pizza base? Why not? I have to puree the Tomato sauce as my kids don’t like pieces in their tomato sauce so it works perfect as a base for pizza.

And have you ever heard of Piccata Milanese? Its veal coated in an egg and parmesan crust and absolutely delicious. I make mine with chicken and I am pretty sure you will love it too!

Spaghetti with Tomato sauce

Spaghetti with Tomato sauce

Family classic in every household. We have to puree our sauce to hide the vegetables and I have to cook it at least once a week!

Piccata Milanese

Piccata Milanese

This is not just a great dish, but its also perfect when you have friends coming over and the kids are fussy eaters.



who does not love Pizza? And believe me, homemade Pizza is a gamechanger.

Sheet pan chicken

There are not many recipes which always work straight away. A sheet pan chicken is definitely one of it. You simply marinate the chicken and put it in the oven. That’s it. And you can straight away make more of it, so you have some leftovers for a chicken sandwich or just a quick salad. Love my food for days!

Sheet pan chicken

Sheet pan chicken

Bake your chicken in the oven with your favorite vegetables!

Chicken Salad

Chicken Salad

Add your leftover chicken to a salad

Chicken Sandwich

Chicken Sandwich

or simply make a quick sandwich!


SpƤtzle is the German equivalent to comfort food. They are perfect on any rainy, windy day. Believe me. But they are also extremely versatile and therefore ideal for food for days! One day you can make KƤsspƤtzle (the German version of Mac and Cheese), and with your leftover SpƤtzle you can simply make a hearty lentil stew (saure Linsen) and serve with some SpƤtzle.



KƤsspƤtzle are the ultimate comfort food- just ensure that you serve it with a side salad as they are very filling.

Sour lentils with SpƤtzle

Lentils with SpƤtzle

The next day you can make a lentils stew and just quickly pan fry your spƤtzle with some butter for it. Its a classic Swabian dinner!

Chili con carne

A chili con carne is the perfect crowd pleaser! I think I have seen it at most home parties, and they are absolutely perfect for it! I also like a good spicy chilli con carne on any couch day- or when I need a pick me up!

Why is a chilli a good fit for food for days? If you have leftovers, you can always fill some Tacos with it. Where you can also use all kind of veggies and salad which wonā€™t survive a day longer in the fridge.

Or maybe some Nachos? That would be my kind of idea for a movie night (well with a beer of course) šŸ™‚ ! Try it!

Chili con Carne

Chili con carne

Start with a homemade Chili con carne


Tacos with chili

then make some Tacos with Chili

Nachos with Chili con Carne

Nachos with chili

or you can prepare some quick Nachos!

Sauce Bolognese

This is a perfect idea for food for days- and who does not love a sauce bolognese?

Exactly, it is everyones favorite! You can start with making the sauce, we like to call it Bolo, and make double the amount straight away. After serving the spaghetti bolognese, you can either freeze the sauce (only) or you can store the remaining sauce in the fridge for the next day. Then you can amaze your family with either a homemade Lasagna or maybe some delicious Rigatoni al Forno? They are both prepared in an instant, as you already have your key ingredient, the sauce bolognese! And that’s food for days!

Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese

We like to call it – Spaghetti Bolo and it definetly is one of our favorites in the house.

Lasagne al Forno

Lasagne al forno

Normally, a Lasagne is definitely a labour of love. But when you already have your key ingredient, it is sooo easy! And tasty, šŸ™‚ I also have a cheats’ version for you-without the BĆ©chamel.

Rigatoni al Forno

Rigatoni al forno

This is some serious pasta! A pasta family favourite! Add a generous dash of cream to the Bolognese sauce, Rigatoni Pasta and then bake it with mozzarella and maybe some other leftover cheese- ohhhh. I am hungry now. Comfort food as it’s best!

Asian marinated Salmon

Salmon is currently my favourite fish. I love to marinate it with soy sauce, ginger, and garlic and just pan fry some veggies and serve with some cooked rice with it.

And the best part is the next day I will make my Salmon bowl- if that is not perfect for food for days then I don’t know!

Lachs Asia Style

Asia marinated Salmon

I always make sure to make plenty of the Asia marinated salmon- it’s quick and easy to make!

salmon buddha bowl

Salmon Buddha Bowl

And it does taste fabulous the next day as the key ingredient in a salmon Buddha bowl.