best sunday cakes

The best Sunday cakes for a lazy afternoon

Who doesn’t love it, the classic Sunday cake?

There’s nothing nicer than the smell of a freshly baked cake and then a nice cup of filter coffee and a nap on the couch. love it!

For me, this is switching off from the hustle and bustle of the week is perfection.

That’s why I’ve put together a list of my favourite Sunday cakes for you.

And as you now know from me, they are all easy to make without much effort.

To make it even easier, I simply divided the cakes for you: with fruit and without fruit.

Because you probably know it, you feel like a cake, but you just don’t know which one yet. And that’s where such a small subdivision can help a lot. Or just a look in the kitchen cupboard to see which ingredients you still have there.

Oh yes, so that they taste like they came from a baker, I have put together my favourite baking tips for you here.

Good luck and enjoy it!

All the best,

sabrina x

My favourite Sunday cakes with fruit:

Erdbeer Torte

Strawberry cake

Our most treasured cake in spring. Perfect for any special occasion like birthday, christening, engagement, or or or…


Apple custard cake with cinnamon

apples, custard, cinnamon and cream… What’s not to love about this tasty combination.


Swabian red Currant cake

Shortcrust, red currants and an egg white meringue mixed with almonds… The balance of sweet and sour is just right.

Schokoladen Kirsch Kuchen

Chocolate and cherry cake

One of these cakes which you can easily prepare in advance. I personally think it just tastes better the next day.. Wait, one slice fresh from the oven to start please!

The best Sunday cakes without fruit:


Marmorkuchen- German marble cake

Quick and easy, and kids love it! If I want to bake, but don’t know what, a marmorkuchen is alawys the solution!

schokoladen kokos kuchen

Chocolate coconut bread

Another one of those quick and easy cakes!
Try it, it’s so good!

Eierlikör Torte

Eggnog Cake

Hazelnut meets Chocolate meets Eggnog.. So good, unfortunately not for kids… If you have homemade eggnog, perfect. If you don’t, simply substitute with store bought.


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