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Hi there!
Welcome to my food for days section!
You are probably wondering, ah another meal planner.. Nope, not really. Its more like my way of trying to cook with less waste and be a bit more sustainable.
Here you will find stories about how I can use the same ingredient again or cook smarter. What is in season? Or what are my go to spices or pantry essentials?
There is definitely lots to explore!
sabrina x

Sour lentils with Spätzle

Sour lentils with Spätzle- a classic Swabian meal

Lentils are some of the most versatile legumes I ever came across. In the south of Germany, we have a dish which loosely translates as sour Lentils with Spätzle and Frankfurters- or simply: Saure Linsen mit Spätzle und Saitenwurst. The origin of the dish is from Swabia/Germany-where I am from- and it used to be

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German Kässpätzle

German Kässpätzle- Swabian comfort food

Spätzle are fabulous. Some call it Spatzn, some Spätzele, but where I am from they are called Spätzle. And baked with cheese and loads of onions? German Kässpätzle-  even better and my absolute soul food. And those are definitely the next level of Spätzle. It’s like the German version of the American Mac and Cheese.

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