Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken with a peach lentil salad

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Sometimes the weirdest combinations are the best ones-like my Peach Lentil Salad with Lemon Chicken.

It’s super easy to make and a quick weeknight dinner.

Shall I quote the famous quote? Ok, you asked! 🙂

“When life gives you lemons, what do you do? You make lemon chicken!” 

It is the perfect summer dish as you can grill the chicken on your BBQ-of course it would also work really well if you pan fry the chicken in a pan. Just make sure you make this simple yet flavourful salad. And it is super delicious.

Another big flavour comes from the carrots. Yep. Carrots. When you make this beautiful salad on the BBQ, and have a grill plate, then please make sure you grill the carrot strips. The sugar in the carrots caramelize, and it’s a game changer. That also works in a pan with some olive oil.

The recipe is based for 2 people with a really good appetite- but it’s simple to double or triple if you are expecting company. And if you are invited to the next garden party, you can also bring along the peach lentil salad without the lemon chicken in case there are some vegetarians as well. As you can always make the chicken separately.


sabrina x

If you are looking for another salad, why not try my chickpea salad?

Wine recommendation for lemon chicken

Have a glass of a New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc with it, you will not regret it!

Lemon Chicken

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perfect BBQ dish

  • Prep time:
    15 minutes
  • Rest time:
    30 minutes
  • Cook time:
    10 minutes
  • Total time:
    55 minutes


2 servings
Lentil Salad
400 g cooked lentils – which equals 1 can
1 peach
1 handful arugula/ rocket leaves
2 medium sized carrots
2 Tbsp olive oil
2 Tbsp balsamic vinegar
salt & pepper
Lemon Chicken
400 g chicken breast
2 sprigs parsley
4 Tbsp olive oil
2 garlic cloves
1 lemon

Steps of preparation

Marinating the lemon chicken

  1. Cut the chicken breast in medium-sized strips.
  2. Season generously with salt & pepper.
  3. For the marinade, grab a bowl and add the olive oil. Peel the garlic, crush it and add it to the oil. Take the parsley and chop it roughly and add to the oil.
  4. Squeeze the lemon and add the juice. Season generously with salt & pepper.
  5. Put the chicken in the marinade and place it covered in the fridge for 30 minutes.
  6. After around 20 minutes, start preparing your Lentil Salad

Lentil Salad

  1. Drain the lentils and put them in a big bowl
  2. Wash the arugula and the carrots
  3. cut the peach in small pieces and add to the lentils
  4. Add the olive oil, balsamic and season generously with salt and pepper. Let it rest.
  5. In the meantime, turn on your BBQ.
  6. With a vegetable peeler, shave the carrots, so you receive thin layers of it. Repeat with the 2nd carrot.
  7. Start grilling the chicken on the BBQ until cooked.
  8. If you have a BBQ pan or a BBQ plate, then also grill the carrot shaves.
  9. If not just add the carrots to the lentil salad and mix everything.
  10. When the chicken is cooked, serve immediately with the salad and enjoy!

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