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Hi! I am sabrina and my biggest passion is food-not only eating- but also to watch and develop the process of an idea (more likely in my case a craving), grocery shopping, cooking, and BAM! a beautiful dish on the table and satisfied cravings. OK, and of course not being in the mood/ no time/ any other excuse to go grocery shopping and just using whatever is left in my pantry shelves… 

A bit more about my background and myself:

Born in Leutkirch, Germany, but I grew up in Ravensburg- you may know this amazing town from the little Jigsaws… My mom used to run her own restaurant and that’s where I definitely got my passion for food from. I went to a hotel school, made an apprenticeship as a specialist for the hotel & restaurant industry and worked in some of the most iconic places in the world.

Just to do some name-dropping (which I always wanted to do) Hilton Sydney Australia,  Mudbrick Vineyard & Restaurant Waiheke Island & Chateau Tongariro New Zealand, Burj al Arab Dubai, Hilton Zurich & Grand Resort Bad Ragaz Switzerland, Hilton Munich & Sheraton Munich Germany and so on.

Currently, I live in beautiful Sofia, Bulgaria with my husband and 2 kids. That’s where I also teach everything I know about Food & Beverage Management to culinary students. And I think that’s now enough about me…

How did I get the Idea to do sabrina`s table

During the first lockdown in March/April 2020 I started to do meal planning as I only went grocery shopping once a week. Don’t worry, there are some amazing meal planning tools out there, so I won’t bother you with it.

However, I realized that a lot of my friends struggled to cook smart. To shop in advance, using leftovers, cooking in batches and preparing food for days. Not like cooking one dish and eating it for three days straight, but more like variations of it. So if you cook a tomato sauce you can use the same sauce as a pizza base or add some chicken and veggies and you have a whole new pasta dish.

Or a cabbage. Can you tell me who cooks a whole cabbage at once and eat it at once? What are you doing with it? I need a half or a quarter for a meal, but rarely the whole. And then the cabbage looks at me from the counter and says: cook me! And if I am not fast enough, the cabbage gets a different colour and is talking to me.. Which is not good.

After getting asked from friends for recipes and writing them down for them, I thought why not collect them! So I looked into this website creating thing, started, failed, started again, failed again and finally here we are now!

What kind of recipes will you find on sabrina`s table?

On sabrina`s table you will find different categories like meat, baking, vegetarian and so on. You will find all kind of basic recipes here in these sections. And then you have the section food for days  where you have recipes which can be turned into something different. Like you make a beautiful salmon asia style and the next day you make a salmon Buddha bowl with the leftovers. Or some tips that will come in handy for baking and cooking. Keep on looking as I will update my posts regularly.

Something in general about my recipes:

  •  We are big eaters here  So please have a look at the ingredients and if you know that you are not the biggest eater(I am very jealous) then adjust the recipe accordingly.
  • I mostly write season to taste with salt & pepper, as everyone has a different perception of how much salt someone likes.

Well, here we are now and I hope that we are going to have a lot of fun and cook some good food together.

I would love to know if you cooked any of my recipes-please use the hashtags  #foodfordays and #sabrinastable if you are posting your fabulous results and want me to see it!

Keep on cooking, spread the love for food and have fun!


sabrina x


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