Tacos with chili

Tacos with Chili con Carne

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Nothing beats a quick and easy dinner for me. So if you happen to have some Chili con Carne left, why not make some Tacos with Chili con Carne?

It’s also a great idea for a family style dinner where everyone helps themselves-especially as well when it’s homemade. But with our busy lifestyle, what’s even better is when you have leftovers, and magically you have something new for dinner. OK, not magically with a wand, but still the main work was done the day before and it’s not just reheating the meal. And you do have something new on your plate. Awesome!

What do you need for Tacos with Chili con carne?

All you need to do is to add the Taco Shells and some top-ups, like Avocado or veggies, some sour cream, some lettuce or whatever your fridge has left and needs to go!

But if you do not have some Chili con Carne left and need to make it from scratch, I still would do the whole lot as then you still can freeze easily the leftovers and have a chilli sometime later. Or again Tacos. As you wish. Or maybe top up some Nachos for a movie night?

So, #TacoTuesday is safe with my Tacos with Chili con Carne recipe. YaY!


sabrina x

Tacos with Chili

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  • Prep time:
    15 minutes
  • Cook time:
    10 minutes
  • Total time:
    25 minutes


4 servings
300 g  Chili con Carne, prepared the day before,  see recipe
1 Packet Tacos ready made, storbought
¼ Iceberg lettuce shredded
cheddar cheese shredded
4 Tbsp sour cream – ok, I need more 🙂
1 avocado
1 sprig coriander, some call it cilantro
1 lime cut in wedges
8 cherry tomatoes

Steps of preparation

  1. Reheat the Chili con Carne
  2. cut the iceberg lettuce in fine stripes- shredded
  3. grate the cheese
  4. peel, deseed and cut the avocado in slices
  5. cut the tomatoes in slices
  6. roughly chop the cilantro
  7. Place Tacos on a plate
  8. divide the lettuce between the Taco Shells, and add some tomatoes
  9. add a generous (or two) spoonfull of the Chili on each Taco and top it up with some cheddar cheese
  10. add the avocado and sour cream as per taste and add some cilantro and drizzle a bit of the lime juice on top.
  11. Alternatively place everything on the table family style and let everyone help themselves

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