vegetarian recipes


Hi there!

Here you will find all my vegetarian and occasionally even vegan recipes.

Sometimes a meat free Monday is just great and you will definitely will get some inspiration here!

They are as usual easy to prepare and, of course delicious. Sometimes even so good, that you won`t miss anything.

To make it easier for you- if you happen to fancy something vegan today, I already separated my vegan recipes from the vegetarian recipes.

love, sabrina x


The more I experiment in the kitchen, the more I actually like and appreciate even vegan recipes. And I am not talking about the substitutes for meat here. I am talking about vegan recipes that are made from scratch and are super tasty. If there is yoghurt included in the recipe, please substitute it with a soy based yoghurt if I haven`t written so myself.

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All my vegetarian and vegan recipes

These vegetarian recipes are so good, you won´t even notice that there is no meat included! 😉 They can be soups, salads, sides or main courses. Enjoy them!


Bulgarian Banitza

Are you looking for a different kind of breakfast? Maybe you already know Banitza? This…

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Potato gratin

Potato Gratin

I love a good classic potato gratin, it simply is the perfect side dish for…
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