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Eggnog cake

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So an eggnog cake doesn’t just taste good at Easter, does it?

I think you can actually eat it any day, because it looks and tastes wonderful. And if you decorate the sides of the cake with some chocolate shavings – perfect!

Such a chocolate-hazelnut base is also really good without flour. And if you have a gluten intolerance, then you probably have gluten-free baking powder at home, right? And tada- your cake is already gluten-free 🙂

But tell me, do you also have the issue that when the middle of the cake rises like a volcano? Yes, sounds familiar? Then I have the ultimate trick for you! Just don’t grease the edge of the spring form pan. So just the bottom of it. Then the dough can climb up the sides evenly, and you have a beautiful, evenly risen cake base!

That brings me to the next tip I have for you:

What is the best way to distribute the eggnog?

I used homemade eggnog for my eggnog cake because it’s a bit thicker. But if you decorate / garnish the cake with whipped cream on the edge, the eggnog cannot overflow so easily. And it’s best to start in the middle of the cake. And do let the liqueur flow very slowly over the back of a spoon. That has already helped me a lot. Just try it!

If you cannot get “Whip it” to stabilize your whipped cream, you can substitute it with a packet of powdered gelatin and mix it as per the instructions for best results.

Enjoy the cake!

Love, Sabrina

PS: And if you prefer a more family-friendly cake, why don’t you try my strawberry cake?

Eggnog cake

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Delicious cake with a bit of liquor.

  • Prep time:
    30 minutes
  • Rest time:
    2 hours
  • Baking time:
    30 minutes
  • Total time:
    3 hours


20 cm springform pan
Chocolate Hazelnut Base
80 g softened butter
80 g sugar
5 eggs
200 g ground hazelnuts
100 g grated chocolate
1 tsp baking powder
3 Tbsp eggnog
pinch of salt
Eggnog Cream
200 ml cream
1 packet of vanilla sugar (8g- 10g)
1 packet of whip it
100 ml eggnog

Steps of preparation

Chocolate Hazelnut Base

  1. Preheat the oven to 170 °C top and bottom heat.
  2. Grease the bottom of a spring form pan or line it with baking paper.
  3. Separate the eggs
  4. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar for a few minutes until fluffy.
  5. Add soft butter
  6. Mix hazelnuts and chocolate with the baking powder and add.
  7. Beat the egg whites with the salt until stiff and carefully fold in.
  8. Pour the batter carefully into the prepared baking pan and bake for about 30 minutes
  9. do the toothpick test to ensure the base is baked
  10. Remove from oven and allow to cool
  11. once cooled, place onto a

Eggnog Cream

  1. Whip the cream with the vanilla sugar and cream stiffener until stiff.
  2. Fill ¼ of the cream into a piping bag with a nozzle and set aside.
  3. Pour the remaining cream over the biscuit and spread evenly
  4. Use the piping bag to squirt dots all around the cake so that the eggnog doesn’t run down.
  5. If you like, you can also carefully cover the edge of the cake with cream
  6. Carefully pour eggnog onto the cake – this is best done like this:
  7. Take a tablespoon and carefully pour the eggnog over the back of the spoon onto the cake.
  8. Garnish with chocolate shavings and chill for 1 hour.
  9. And enjoy, preferably with an eggnog

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