Chicken Schnitzel Wrap

Easy Chicken Schnitzel Wrap-prepped in 15 Minutes

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I know, it basically is not possible to have leftover Schnitzel. But if you happen to have some left, why not try a Chicken Schnitzel Wrap?

It’s fast, simple to make, and it tastes awesome cold or warm. You can also prepare it for a quick office lunch or school snack for the next day.

And nothing beats food for days-when you cook one meal and get 2 or 3 different meals out of it. Especially with something so easy like my schnitzel. You simply make more of what you actually need and the next day your dinner will be ready in 15 Minutes if you make my schnitzel wraps for example. I love this as it’s super easy and convenient.

As a Bonus, I get all leftover food out of the fridge for these wraps. Definitely a win-win situation there.

And, like any sandwich or wrap you can fill it with whatever you like 🙂 However, I have written down how we do our favourite Chicken Schnitzel Wrap.

And the wraps itself, I simply reheat them in the oven at 80 °C before I fill them. Or in a pan over medium heat.Done in minutes and everyone is happy.

My favourite Chicken Schnitzel Wraps toppings:

  • Mayonnaise
  • sweet chilli sauce / ketchup/ or BBQ Sauce
  • lettuce
  • tomatoes
  • avocado
  • cucumbers
  • shredded cheese

What’s also great with making Chicken schnitzel wraps for dinner, I spread out everything “family Style” in small bowls on the table-so everyone gets their favourite add-ons to make their own wraps.

Which is a fabulous way to eat them when you have fussy kids (or adults ;-)) eating as well. The kids have no pressure, and love the way of wrapping them themselves. So for us, it’s also a fantastic family meal.

However, my personal favourite is to blend the Mayonnaise and Sweet Chili Sauce on the wrap first, and then to add the other toppings and last, the Schnitzel. It’s just so unbelievable creamy and good! 🙂 If you are not so keen on mayonnaise, cream cheese also works pretty well there.

However, my husband would disagree strongly with me there-he prefers some ketchup or a smokey BBQ sauce on it.

And if you rather serve those Chicken Schnitzel Wraps plated, then simply fill the wraps and heat them in a pan. Also done in an instant! And the Wraps do get a nice crunch as well.

In case you don’t have any leftover Chicken Schnitzel, here you can find my easy-peasy recipe with some tips for homemade schnitzel. I make them with chicken, but you can also make them with pork or classic as a wiener schnitzel with veal.

Try it, they are sooo good!

Happy prepping!


sabrina x

Chicken Schnitzel Wrap

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Great way to make a Wrap!

  • Prep time:
    10 minutes
  • Cook time:
    5 minutes
  • Total time:
    15 minutes


4 servings
4 Wraps
4 Schnitzel
sweet chilli sauce/ ketchup/ BBQ Sauce


  • pan or an oven to heat the wraps

Steps of preparation

Re-heating your Schnitzel

  1. Pre-heat the oven to 120 °C
  2. Place your schnitzel in an ovenproof dish and place them in the oven.
  3. If you made the Schnitzel from scratch, ignore this step as they will be already hot. Simply place them in the oven to keep them warm.


  1. In the meantime, wash and cut your vegetables
  2. Place everything in bowls and place it on the table
  3. Remove the schnitzel from the oven when they are hot.
  4. Turn down the heat and place the Wraps in the oven and heat them for about 2 minutes
  5. Place everything on the table Family style—so everyone can help themselves to their favourite topping
  6. Make your personal wrap and enjoy!


If you rather serve it plated, then simple fill the wraps and heat them in a pan

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