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Bavarian Pork Roast with a crunchy crust!

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Are you looking for THE Bavarian pork roast with a crunchy crust recipe?

Then I have just the right thing for you!

It’s super crispy on the outside and it just tastes like it’s in a really good German Wirtshaus!

What makes this pork roast so special?

Besides being really easy to make?

It’s THE perfect crunchy crust, of course!

And you can really get that fantastic crust too!

Let me show you how:

First you have to cut the rind in a diamond shape with a really sharp kitchen knife.

Then I sear the pork belly first – but first with the rind side!

knusprige schwarte 1

The perfect crust already has some great color!

Then I take the pork belly out of my ovenproof pan again and then I fry the vegetables.

Then, when I caramelized the icing sugar, added tomato paste and deglazed with red wine and some broth, I put the pork roast back in the roasting pan.

Very important: please always sear your pork roast with the rind upwards! Otherwise you won’t get the crispy crust you want ! 😉

After the roasting time of 2 hours in the oven, please take the pork roast out of the oven again.

And then put it either with the rind up in an ovenproof pan or on a baking sheet, which you should have previously lined with aluminum foil.

Increase the oven to 220°C top/bottom heat and put the pork crust roast back in the oven.

You need to “bake” it for another 15-20 minutes and then you will have a wonderful crispy crust as a result.

And while your pork crust roast gets the necessary crispiness, you prepare the sauce.

What piece of meat should I use?

Well, that’s really a debate here. I use the pork belly for my roast, with the rind still on obviously.

But a lot of people use a pork shoulder which is also absolutely fine to use. I really would see which piece you can get with your butcher.

It only tastes half as good without the sauce!

Here I have 2 tricks for you, which I now use for almost all roast recipes.

I got it from the popular german chef Alfons Schuhbeck and I’m happy to share them with you.

First, when you fry the vegetables, push them to the side and add some powdered sugar in the middle.

No, even if it’s really tempting, don’t stir it because the powdered sugar is supposed to caramelize.

Veggies and powdered sugar

Here you can see how the powdered sugar slowly starts to caramelize (melt) on the edge.
Shortly afterwards you add the tomato paste.

Then add the tomato paste, stir and add the red wine little by little and let it boil down like a syrup.

Pour in the broth and place in the oven with the roast pork (rind facing up).

After the baking time, all you have to do is pour the sauce into a small saucepan using a sieve and season with salt, pepper, marjoram and cumin seeds.

And then comes the second trick!

And how can it be otherwise, of course it has to do with ginger. 🙂

You take a piece of ginger and put it on a toothpick together with a clove of garlic and some lemon zest.

Add this to your finished sauce and simmer for about 15 minutes.

Since everything is on a toothpick, you can take it out again super easily.

I also use this trick with my (Christmas) goose and it works perfectly. The sauce just gets better afterwards.

Since you will probably still have some of this really tasty sauce left, it is best to freeze it in portions.

Then you always have some jus at home for your Maultaschen. You did read that right. Because in a classic Wirtshaus you get them, usually nicely fried with pan fried onions, potato salad and some jus. Absolutely delicious.

And if you then want to cook it at home, it’s just great if you already have the sauce ready in the freezer.

And what else goes with the pork roast?

A beer of course! 🙂

Or a coleslaw and dumplings. I like the bread dumplings best. But I leave out the mushroom cream sauce, since I have my own jus from the pork crust roast.

Or a Swabian potato salad just tastes great with it.

Enjoy the meal!
All the best,

sabrina x

Bavarian Pork Roast with a crunchy crust

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A bavarian classic

  • Prep time:
    30 minutes
  • Cook time:
    10 minutes
  • Baking time:
    2 hours 15 minutes
  • Total time:
    2 hours 55 minutes


4 servings
1.5 kg pork belly (ready to cook, with rind)
1 liter chicken broth
2 large onions
1 carrot
150 g celeriac
1 small leek
2 tablespoons oil
1 tsp powdered sugar
1 tbsp tomato paste
250 ml red wine
2 bay leaves
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp dried marjoram
0.5 tsp caraway seeds
1 slice of ginger
Lemon zest in one piece


  • oven proof pan

Steps of preparation

  1. For the pork crust roast, first preheat the oven to 180 degrees (top and bottom heat).
  2. In the meantime, rinse the roast pork with cold water and pat dry with paper towels.
    Then cut the rind in a diamond shape with a sharp knife and season or rub well with salt and pepper
  3. Then peel and quarter the onions and 1 of the garlic cloves.
  4. Clean the carrot, leek and celery and cut into large pieces.
  5. Now heat the oil in a roasting pan and sear the roast pork briefly, with the rind facing down.
  6. Then turn the meat over (so that the rind is on top) and sear it.
  7. Remove the roast pork from the roaster and sear all vegetables.
  8. Place the vegetables on the edge of the roaster and put the icing sugar in the middle and let it caramelize. Add tomato paste and stir briefly. Gradually simmer with a little red wine. Add broth and stir everything together.
  9. Place the roast pork, rind side up, on top of the vegetables and the unfinished sauce.
    Roast in the oven on the bottom rail for 2 hours
  10. At the end of the roasting time, increase the temperature to 220 degrees.
  11. Take the pan out of the oven and place the pork crust roast on a baking tray, salt the rind again and place it back in the oven for about 15-20 minutes until crispy.
  12. Meanwhile, pour the sauce through a sieve into a saucepan. And then add bay leaves, a toothpick with garlic, ginger and lemon zest, marjoram and caraway seeds
  13. Remove the garlic, ginger and lemon zest after approx. 5 minutes.
  14. Season to taste with salt and pepper.
  15. Finally, take the pork roast from the oven, slice it and enjoy with the sauce.


serve with some dumplings

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Can I eat it the next day as well?

Of course you can! <br>You can either use it as a filer on sandwich, or you can reheat your roast in the sauce easily again. But the crust will most probably be not as crispy. <br>If you love the crust simply try top reheat your meat in the oven.

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