Apricot Tart Tatin with Chili

Apricot Tart Tatin with Chili

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Are you looking for a quick summer cake? How about an apricot tart tatin with chilli?

It consists of shortcrust pastry, fresh apricots and sweet caramel, which is deliciously refined with chilli. Add a scoop of vanilla ice cream, perfect.

What is a tart tatin?

Have you ever heard of a Tart Tatin? It is a classic of the French cuisine and is originally prepared with apples. According to the legend, this tasty apple pie was invented by the Tatin sisters (hence the name). This was slightly modified here into an apricot tart tatin.

And we’ll add some chilli to that. The slight note of chilli gives the apricot tart tatin an unforgettable twist, and it will soon be your favourite to bring along for the next barbecue party. Because once you’ve tried it, you’ll always want a second piece. Or even a third.

Is the Apricot Tart Tatin difficult to make?

No, actually not. However, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • shortcrust
  • caramel
  • Working with chilli
  • put on the dough
  • the toppling of the tart

Let’s start with the shortcrust. Don’t knead the shortcrust pastry for too long. Otherwise it will be too crumbly and can no longer be rolled out easily.


Aprikosen auf Chili

I always place the apricots, cut-side up, directly on top of the still-hot caramel. The Apricot Tart Tatin just looks great!

It is very important to wear gloves when cutting the chilli. There’s not much worse than “chilli fingers” in your eyes. Ouch.

When you put the shortcrust pastry on the apricots, use a rolling pin. Carefully roll the dough onto the rolling pin and basically roll it over it. Then fold the ends of the dough into the form and pierce lightly several times with a fork.

turning of the apricot tart tatin

Stürzen der Tart 1

Flipping the apricot tart tatin is actually quite easy. It is released from the form upside down.

First, please put on the oven mitts and then turn the cake over like this:

To ensure that the tart comes out of the form undamaged, first carefully cut along the inside of the outer edge of the form with a long, sharp knife. Then you place the serving plate/cake plate on the form and turn the form over with a quick movement. You need to hold both sides of the form while doing this.

Just shake it a bit, take a deep breath and tada! The Apricot Chili Tart is out of the form!

The Apricot Tart Tatin with Chili itself is really easy to make. Just make sure you have everything ready before you start making the caramel. And if you rather have a German Zwetschgendatschi, have a look here.

Serve with some ice cream or whipped cream, and you will be in seventh food heaven 🙂

Have fun baking and enjoy!


sabrina x

Apricot Tart Tatin with Chili

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a twist on the classic cake

  • Prep time:
    30 minutes
  • Rest time:
    2 hours
  • Baking time:
    40 minutes
  • Total time:
    3 hours 10 minutes


24 cm springform pan
Shortbread Base
130 g soft butter
80 g sugar
1 pinch Salt
1 egg
250 g flour, all purpose
1 tsp baking soda
Apricots caramel
600 g  Apricots, cut in half and pit removed
150 g sugar
20g brown sugar
60g butter
1 chilli, deseeded and cut in thin slices
vanilla ice cream or whipped cream


  • Springform pan

Steps of preparation


  1. In a big bowl, combine the soft butter (cut in small cubes), sugar, salt, and the egg shortly. Add flour and baking soda and knead to a smooth shortbread dough.
  2. Wrap the dough in some food safe cling film and place in the fridge for 2 hours to rest.
  3. At nearly the end of the resting time, wash your apricots, cut them in half and remove the pit.
  4. Add some flour on a clean workplace and roll out the dough using a rolling pin.
  5. It should be as big as the bottom of your tart form, but do not forget the edges.
  6. My tart form has a diameter of 24 cm – so I added 3/4 cm for the edges. You can use either an ovenproof ceramic dish or an ovenproof heavy based frying pan.
  7. Preheat the oven to 180 °C
  8. Place some baking paper in your Tart form – you need to do this before you start making the caramel


  1. As this goes quite quick, please have everything prepared and the chilli deseeded and cut into thin slices
  2. Place the sugar in a pan and bring to medium heat.
  3. When it starts to melt, start stirring it slowly. When the sugar is melted completely, remove it from the heat and then add the butter and stir to combine. This works best with a wooden Spatula. When the sugar and butter is melted, add your finely cut chillis. Pour it in your prepared baking form. caramel
  4. Arrange the halved apricots upside down in a circle on the caramel, gently pressing down. Sprinkle the brown sugar on top of the apricots.Aprikosen
  5. Place your rolled-out shortbread dough on top of the apricots. 
  6. Gently tuck the edges down on the rim of your tart form.
  7. Prick some small holes in the pastry dough while using a fork.
  8. Place your tart on the 2nd level from the bottom and bake for 40 mins on 180°C
  9. Let the tart cool down a little for 15 minutes, and you need to flip over your Tart onto your desired serving platter.
  10. Serve with some ice cream or whipped cream and enjoy!


Add some vanilla ice cream

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